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Another method of ingesting cannabis orally, tinctures are a great option for people who may be trying to avoid the sugar and carbs that most edibles contain. The word tincture refers to a solution of drugs dissolved in alcohol. In the cannabis world, however, tincture often refers to an oil infusion— usually olive oil or MCT oil. They come in a bottle with a dropper used for precise dosing. Tinctures come in a range of CBD/THC ratios, which means that they can be used for anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleep, nausea, or just for recreation, depending which formula you choose. Usually a bottle of tincture has much higher cannabinoid content than a package of edibles, which means you’ll get more total doses per bottle of tincture than per bag of cookies. It is also easy to dose because you can use anywhere from a couple drops to a full dropper or two.

Featured brands: Humboldt Apothecary, Mary’s Medicinals, Pure Plant Herbals, Papa & Barkley, Jade Nectar & Kind Creations

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