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We are excited to offer a whole range of deals all weekend long starting on Green Wednesday! We will be open on Thanksgiving from 9am-2pm and our regular hours (9am-9:45pm) Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to the deals listed, all purchases over $25 will get you a 0.75 preroll for $1 (Purple Sherbet)

Flower / Prerolls

  • Panacea: Buy an 1/8 of Cake, Pie or Sedation, get a Lolo preroll for $1
  • Crimson Dream: Buy any 1/8, get an 1/8 of Gelato 33 for $1
  • IC Collective: Buy an 1/8, get one 50% off
  • CRU Cannabis: Buy an 1/8, get one 40% off AND receive a Jetpack preroll for $1
  • Leune: 20% off prerolls
  • Dark Heart Nursery: Buy an 1/8 of Blue Dream, get an 1/8 of Strawberry Banana 50% off
  • Phases: Buy two eighths, get one for $1 (High Frequency and Vibration only)

Edibles / Drinks

  • Ocean Grown: Buy a tin of gummies, get one for $1
  • Papa & Barkley: Buy two packs of gummies, get one for $1
  • Cann: Buy a 6pk, get one for $1
  • Drvn: Buy a pack of gummies, get a pack of Dream gummies for $1
  • Select: Buy a pack of gummies, get one for $1
  • Utopia: Buy a pack of macaroons, get one for $1
  • Kiva / Lost Farms: Buy 3, get one for $1


  • Nuvata: Buy one, get one for $1
  • Jetty: Buy one, get one 50% off OR buy two, get one for $1
  • Good Vapes: Buy two, get one for $1
  • Platinum Vapes: Buy 2 full grams, get a half-gram of Pineapple Jack or Dosido for $1
  • Select: Buy a full-gram cart, get a half gram for $1
  • Arcturus: Get 2 for $50 or 3 for $70
  • Leune: 20% off disposables and Pax pods
  • Wind: Buy a Wind vape, get another Wind vape OR a pack of Kanha gummies for $1


  • Synergy: 20% off live resin
  • Highest Health Collective: Buy a gram of hash, get a Golden preroll for $1
  • Antidote: Buy two Antidote or Box grams, get 0.5g THCa powder $1


  • Humboldt Apothecary: Buy Humboldt Apothecary tincture or topical and get a 5ml tincture for $1

Please note that all deals are while supplies last and these specials will not stack with other discounts (e.g. senior, first-time customer, veteran, etc.) For example, if you are a first-time customer, you will not get 30% off Synergy Live Resin (10% + 20%), you will get 20% off Synergy according to the deal and 10% off any regular price items in your cart.

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