New clones drop at The Reef every 1-2 weeks! We get our clones from an awesome Northern California cultivation company called Dark Heart Nursery. Their website has tons of really useful information on their strains as well as growing tips and other cultivation resources.

Here are the available strains as of 6.5.2020:

  • Premium Clones: Blue Dream, Chili Verde, Do Si Do, GG4, Romulan, Venom OG
  • Feminized Seedlings: Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittlez*, GMO x Strawnana*, Legend OG x Purple Punch*
  • Easy Pot: Sol Mate

(*previous drop)

Blue Dream (Premium Clone)

A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry (indica) and Santa Cruz Haze (sativa), Blue Dream quickly rose to become a staple in the West Coast grower and dispensary communities. With 50-100% stronger yields than most other strains, Blue Dream produces huge dense buds packed heavily with trichomes, and covered with a fine coat of light orange hairs. With a healthy balance of full-body relaxation and mental stimulation, Blue Dream is enjoyed by new comers and veterans alike. While Blue Dream traits tend to lean toward its sativa ancestry, some phenotype have more indica like expressions.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: unknown
  • TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • GENETICS: DJ Short’s Blueberry x Santa Cruz Haze
  • STORY: Blue Dream began in the beach town of Santa Cruz, California as a medicinal clone. This excellent cross between Blueberry and Haze has become a favored staple on the West Coast, predominantly in California.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy
  • GROWING TIPS: Strongest growth in hydroponics, but more robust flavor in soil. It tends to grow as a single cola unless trained. Some fox-tailing late in flowering is common, revealing its Haze lineage.
  • SCENT: Floral berry, spicy, cedar, blueberry pie.
  • FLAVOR: Classic haze with a tinge of floral berry.
  • EFFECTS: Uplifting, cerebral, and energetic. Enjoy this bud outside in nature or use it to unwind after a long day. Patients appreciate the cerebral awareness followed by a calming body high. Good for an all-day remedy as its indica traits are not too overpowering.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Best for treating aches and pains, depression, anxiety, nausea, cachexia, appetite loss, bi-polar disorder, and stress.

Chili Verde (Premium Clone)

Growth pattern similar to an OG but with better structure.

General Information & History

  • TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • GENETICS: Key Lime Pie x Lavender
  • THC %: 15% – 24.99%
  • GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN: California Central Valley

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 9 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy, Moderate
  • GROWING TIPS: Grows a lot like GSC with small tight bud structure, but stretches slightly taller than a GSC plant would.
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • FLAVOR: Lime, Fuel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cheese

Do Si Do (Premium Clone)

Starts as a shorter sized plant, but eventually stretches and developes large internode gaps that quickly fill in with average sized yields of dense, lime green buds with purple hues.

General Information & History

  • TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid
  • GENETICS: Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG
  • THC %: 15% – 24.99%
  • STORY: Named after the popular peanut butter Girl Scout Cookie

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks
  • YIELD: Moderate
  • GROWING TIPS: Grows a lot like GSC with small tight bud structure, but stretches slightly taller than a GSC plant would.
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • SCENT: Hints of lime, mint and pine
  • FLAVOR: Sweet, spicy, and earthy
  • EFFECTS: Very relaxed, euphoric and uplifting high
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Works well for stress, depression, insomnia, pain, and ADD

GG4 (Clone)

First place winner of the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup 2014, Gorilla Glue #4 gets it names from the trichomes that “glue” up the scissors when manicuring this baby.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: The Joesy Whales phenotype
  • TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • GENETICS: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
  • THC %: 15% – 19.99%
  • STORY: Gorilla Glue # 4 was accidently created by Joesy Whales when some Chem Sis plants he was growing hermied and pollinated his Sour Dubb. Tired of seeded gardens, Joesy tossed out the strain. But his buddy, Mardogg, still had some seeds. Mardogg popped the beans years later and ended up with 4 pheno’s of the GG, deciding #4 was worth keeping.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 9 weeks
  • YIELD: Moderate
  • SCENT: Lemon, pine. slightly minty
  • FLAVOR: Sweet, chocolatey, diesel aftertaste
  • EFFECTS: Clear, cerebral
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Menstrual cramps

Romulan (Premium Clone)

Experiencing the Romulan’s legendary taste and power should be on any serious cannabis connoisseur’s bucket list. Romulan was created decades ago by combining all-but extinct heirloom varieties from Thailand, Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan. The result is a vigorous hybrid with a heavy, raw terpene profile. Romulan makes extremely strong extracts with a very high amount of noticeable terpenes. Users who have made rosins, or wax, from this plant report it as being the strongest extract that they have ever had.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Romulan Genetics
  • TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid
  • GENETICS: (Korean Thai x Mexican x Colombian x Afghani) x Colombian
  • THC %: 20% – 24.99%
  • GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN: Pacific Northwest
  • STORY: This strain started out in the PNW as a Korean sourced Thai, grown by Veterans of the Korean War in the 1950’s. Over time, they developed a loose growers collective made up of close friends, who were also veterans and motorcycle club members. These growers stretched in location from Canada to Southern California. During a 30 year time span, they slowly introduced several strains in their attempts to make the plant easier to grow. Each time they bred their worked Thai line with a new strain, they worked those resulting plants for many years before introducing/breeding in a new strain. The first was Mexican sativa, and that result was eventually bred with a Colombian sometime in the late 1970’s. They eventually crossed it with an Afghani indica, but did not like the results so they back-crossed those results with the Colombian strain. The final result, they deemed complete, and over the years it became known as Romulan.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy, Moderate
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • GROWING TIPS: This slightly sativa dominant polyhybrid grows like an indica. May require support due to branching and not the most suitable for SOG (does very well in SCROG grows, outdoor, and indoor)
  • SCENT: Smells like an odd mixture of rotting old laundry crossed with a dead skunk and pine trees
  • FLAVOR: Complex layers of Skunk, Pine, Spicy, Pepper, Earthy, Hash and a slight Citrus Funk
  • EFFECTS: A near perfect hybrid high, with an equal head and body buzz that comes with zero anxiety. More suitable for heavy smokers, or those looking for highly potent Cannabis. Can make you giggly, and send you into talkative introspective conversations. Typically does not make you sleepy, or induce couch lock unless taken in larger doses.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Excellent for pain, especially nerve-based pain. Users report that it helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fibromyalgia with exceptional results.

Venom OG (Premium Clone)

A cross between Venom OG and Humboldt OG, Venom OG is an indica-dominant strain. Also known as All Gas OG and Asphalt plant, the flowers are dense and bright green with protruding bright orange hairs that show purple colors towards the final weeks of flowering. With a piney, lemon aroma reminiscent of diesel and skunk, Venom OG will have you calm and relaxed. This may be a great smoke for relief of anxiety, lack of appetite, and pain. This Moderate/Heavy producer also has extremely high THC levels 20%+.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Humboldt Seed Company
  • TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid
  • GENETICS: Venom OG x Humboldt OG
  • THC %: 10% – 19.99%

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy, Moderate
  • GROWING TIPS: Depending on the environmental temperatures, flowers can show purple colors in final weeks of flower.
  • SCENT: Very gassy with earthy, pine, and diesel notes.
  • EFFECTS: Full body relaxation with sensory elevation which compliments lazy activities.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Great to calm stress, pain, insomnia, headaches, and appetite loss.


Feminized seedling in soil

For general information on Dark Heart Seedlings, check out this post

Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittlez

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Indoor: 9–10 weeks
  • Yield: Medium
  • Terp profile: Exotic

GMO x Strawnana

  • Type: Sativa Hybrid
  • Indoor: 9–11 weeks
  • Yield: High
  • Terp profile: Exotic

Legend OG x Purple Punch

No cross-specific information available. See parent strains below:

Legend OG (female)Purple Punch (male)
Type: Indica HybridType: Indica Hybrid
Finish: 9 weeksFinish: 7-8 weeks
Yield: ModerateYield: Heavy, moderate
Terp profile: Pine, diesel, citrusTerp profile: Grape, sweet
Genetics: OG Kush FamilyGenetics: Larry OG x GDP

Easy Pot – Autoflowering Plants

Dark Heart Nursery’s Easy Pot is an autoflowering cannabis plant, grown from feminized seedlings, that stands roughly 15-18 inches in height and is surrounded by a “tomato cage” for proper support. Easy Pot plants are sold in a 2.5 gallon pot where they will remain for the duration of their life. This means they do not need to be transplanted. They will start flowering shortly after you bring them home and will be ready to harvest in around 40-60 days. Autoflowers are known to be hardier and less finicky than regular cannabis plants, which makes them perfect for beginner growers!

Here’s why Easy Pot is great for beginners, hobby growers and anyone interested in growing cannabis:

  • Fun to grow! Each of these vigorous plants will produce beautiful flowers in a wide variety of conditions. However, the better the conditions, the better your result!
  • Just add water: Soil mix is pre-charged with slow release fertilizer that provides complete plant nutrition every time you water.
  • Proven genetics: Stable seeds from award winning breeders means you’ll have a healthy plant that will outperform your expectations.
  • Attractive: Pot design is attractive and modern, and fits right into your space. This is a must-have garden varietal!

Tips For Growing Easy Pot

Autoflowering plants do not rely on photoperiods to trigger their flowering cycle like traditional cannabis plants do. In order to produe healthy yields they need a sufficient amount of light during their lifecycle. Depending on the time of year your autoflower plant can do well both indoors and outdoors.

During the spring and summer months a well lit windowsill or sunroom could do the trick indoors. Outdoors, any well lit area of your outdoor garden would suffice. During the fall and winter months the weather can be a bit cold and could affect the overall yield of your harvest. During this time, keeping your plant under light indoors would likely produce the best results.

Sol Mate

A Feminized Autoflower that will put out the weight and the trichome production rivals indoor flower even when grown outdoors! The taste is like nothing we’ve seen in photoperiod type cannabis, reminding us of ripe cherimoya and even durian with the fuel after-burn. Sol Mate Auto will get you through the tough times whether you’re a hobbyist wanting to grow in an easily manageable way or need a big crop to come in early without the hassle of light deprivation.

  • Type: Hybrid (55% indica / 45% sativa)
  • Genetics: Headband x Solstice
  • Average THC: 17% – 22%
  • Scent/Flavor: Sweet Grassy Pungent
  • Effect: Wonderful Relaxing High


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