New clones drop at The Reef every 1-2 weeks! We get our clones from an awesome Northern California cultivation company called Dark Heart Nursery. Their website has tons of really useful information on their strains as well as growing tips and other cultivation resources.

Here are the available strains as of 4.23.2020:

  • Clones: Strawberry Banana, NaPali Pink, Bling Premium*, Tahquitz Premium*
  • Seedlings: Legend OG x Purple Punch*

*last week’s drop

Strawberry Banana (Clone)

Strawberry Banana grows to a medium height bush, making her ideal for gardens with height restrictions. A hardy resilient plant

General Information & History

  • TYPE: Indica Dominant
  • GENETICS: Banana OG X Indiana Bubblegum
  • THC %: 15% – 24.99%
  • STORY: Strawberry Banana comes from a legend linked worldwide. Bubblegum, created by breeders in Indiana, USA was given to two European breeders.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy, Moderate
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • GROWING TIPS: Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks Yield: Heavy Growing tips: Strawberry Banana grows to a medium height bush, making her ideal for gardens with height restrictions. A hardy and resilient plant, she responds well to a wide variety of growing methods and will yield superior results for beginning and expert growers alike. Be sure to feed her well to achieve those large, dense buds reminiscent of her Banana Kush heritage.
  • FLAVOR: Sweet banana fragrance with a musky fruit undertone
  • EFFECTS: The euphoric effects bubblegum adds are softened to mental clarity while the body enters into a relaxed, tranquil state
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: The combination of calming mental alertness and intense body high make the medicine ideal for treatment of daytime physical pain while patient focuses on going about the day

NaPali Pink (Clone)

A strain bred on Kauai using old school Hawaiian Genetics. A truly unique Hawaiian experience delivering all the color and flavor people have come to associate with island life. Legendary Kauai Electric and Alaskan Thunderfuck were brilliantly crossed to a rare and unique 30 year old cutting of an island strain called Hindu Sun, and the resulting phenotype hunt yielded a plant with bright pink pistols that hold their color through to the finish and a smell reeking of mango and passion fruit. Growers will be rewarded every time they enter the garden and watch these long luminescent pink spears mature into a hardened flower finishing in 60 days. An incredibly balanced high for medium to heavy users.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Hawaiian Seed Company
  • TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • GENETICS: Powerline x Hindu Sun x Afghani Pink OG
  • STORY: She was bred with a legendary Kauai strain called Powerline, a strain grown by the local hunters in the mountains and valleys mostly on Powerline Road. She was bread combining Hindu Sun, a 50 year of Hawaiian strain from the Big Island, and an old original Afghani Pink OG.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks
  • YIELD: Moderate
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • GROWING TIPS: Grows large fast with long arms of frosty pink haired buds.
  • SCENT: Earthy, Sweet, Tropical
  • FLAVOR: Sweet, Fruity
  • EFFECTS: Very uplifting, mellow, long lasting high, that is perfect for any outdoor activity.

The Bling (Premium Clone)

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but The Bling will be your farm’s best bud. Seriously though, this strain is no joke. Productive is an understatement and the trichome density on this beauty out shined the rest in a greenhouse with 3k unique seed plants at Happy Dreams Farm, who practices sustainable agriculture in beautiful Humboldt County. Definitely a great choice for farms and gardeners alike who wish to have a sure-fire producer for this critical time in the cannabis space.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Humboldt Seed Company and Happy Dreams Farm
  • TYPE: Indica Dominant
  • GENETICS: Humboldt Frost x Reserve OG x Humboldt Gelato
  • THC %: 20% – 25% +
  • GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN: Humboldt County
  • STORY: This was a winning strain selection from Humboldt Seed Company’s 10K Phenotype Mega Hunt from late 2018.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy
  • GROWING TIPS: An EXTREMELY vigorous and productive plant.
  • DIFFICULTY: Easy, Intermediate
  • SCENT: Gassy but also sweet and floral with hints of lime.
  • EFFECTS: Potent and intense, more ethereal than sedative.

Tahquitz (Premium Clone)

Tahquitz OG’s effect and vigor makes it a winner. Despite having indica-dominant genetics, it has a strong, psychedelic cerebral high coupled with numbing body buzz that energizes the mind, boosts creativity, and uplifts your mood. The flowers have a unique blue spruce color that looks like velvet due to trichome coverage. An overall stellar expression of potent “old-school” hitters that is unique in today’s market!

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Johnny N. of Elev8 Seeds
  • TYPE: Indica Dominant
  • GENETICS: Pre-98 Bubba Kush x [OG Kush x Blue Dream]
  • GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN: San Jacinto Mountains

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks
  • GROWING TIPS: Go easy on any PK booster easy as that may cause foxtailing. Outdoors Tahquitz OG grows wide and tall, up to 8 feet. Harvest around Halloween.
  • SCENT: Complex and loud chemmy smell
  • FLAVOR: Earthy, fruity, and spicy flavors
  • EFFECTS: Very creative high with a strong, heavy onset, energetic with no anxiety.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: May help alleviates stress, nausea, spasms and body aches.


Feminized seedling in soil

For general information on Dark Heart Seedlings, check out this post

Legend OG x Purple Punch

No cross-specific information available. See parent strains below:

Legend OG (female)Purple Punch (male)
Type: Indica HybridType: Indica Hybrid
Finish: 9 weeksFinish: 7-8 weeks
Yield: ModerateYield: Heavy, moderate
Terp profile: Pine, diesel, citrusTerp profile: Grape, sweet
Genetics: OG Kush FamilyGenetics: Larry OG x GDP


  1. Dark Heart Nursery (clone & easy pot photos and text)
  2. Purple City Genetics (GMO x Strawnana & Legend OG info)