Outdoor season may be over, but we are still getting a smaller number of clones as needed for our indoor growers! We get our clones and seedlings from an awesome Northern California cultivation company called Dark Heart Nursery. Their website has tons of really useful information on their strains as well as growing tips and other cultivation resources.

Here are the available strains as of 1.9.2020:

  • Premium Clones ($20): Banana Mango, Fire OG, Gorilla Glue, Platinum OG

Banana Mango (Sativa)

We threw around the name Humboldt Smooth before deciding that banana and mango are the dominant aromas. The combo of terpene profiles that make these unique seeds is rare in our experience. This strain packs a punch and might leave you on a tropical beach soaking up the sun. You will appreciate the huge plants and amazing vigor. PM resistant but can have mold towards the end of the season. THC hovers around 22% with high trichome production, but the nose is what makes this so special.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Humboldt Seed Company
  • TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • GENETICS: Mango Trees x Banana OG x Blueberry Muffin
  • GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN: Humboldt County

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 8 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy
  • SCENT: Ripe banana and sweet mango
  • FLAVOR: Banana candy and mango nectar
  • EFFECTS: Uplifting and calming
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: May help calm nerves

Fire OG (Hybrid)

Fire OG has frost covered, lime greenish buds packed heavy with red hairs giving the appearance of being on fire, hence the name Fire OG

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: Cali Connection
  • TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid
  • GENETICS: Raskal’s OG Kush x SFV OG Kush
  • THC %: 20% – 24.99%

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks
  • YIELD: Heavy, Moderate
  • GROWING TIPS: Recommended for intermediate to expert growers. We suggest letting this baby go to full term as bud swell and resin production double at the end of week 10 resulting in a super stony potent bud. Flip when the clone is about 12 – 14” tall and expect 3.5 – 4 foot tall plants.
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • SCENT: Lemon pledge, hints of sour pine
  • FLAVOR: Creamy earthiness, smooth, minty lemons
  • EFFECTS: Sedative, warming, couch lock. Long lasting, this smoke is best saved for an evening of relaxation.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Insomnia, anxiety, stress, appetite loss, anorexia, joint pain, muscle pain

GG4 (Sativa)

First place winner of the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup 2014, Gorilla Glue #4 gets it names from the trichomes that “glue” up the scissors when manicuring this baby.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: The Joesy Whales phenotype
  • TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • GENETICS: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
  • THC %: 15% – 19.99%
  • STORY: Gorilla Glue # 4 was accidently created by Joesy Whales when some Chem Sis plants he was growing hermied and pollinated his Sour Dubb. Tired of seeded gardens, Joesy tossed out the strain. But his buddy, Mardogg, still had some seeds. Mardogg popped the beans years later and ended up with 4 pheno’s of the GG, deciding #4 was worth keeping.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 9 weeks
  • YIELD: Moderate
  • SCENT: Lemon, pine. slightly minty
  • FLAVOR: Sweet, chocolatey, diesel aftertaste
  • EFFECTS: Clear, cerebral
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Menstrual cramps

Platinum OG (Hybrid)

It’s no wonder where the Platinum got its name; this kush strain is so completely covered in crystals it takes on an actual silvery platinum bling, beautifully adorned with purple hues and bright orange hairs.

General Information & History

  • BREEDER: unknown
  • TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid
  • GENETICS: Master Kush x Afghani OR Purps x Master Kush x OG Kush
  • THC %: 15% – 24.99%
  • STORY: Platinum OG is considered by many as the “ultimate” kush strain. Found in sunny California, not many strains compare to Platinum’s potent kush scent, taste, and effects.

Growing Information & Patient Expectations

  • FLOWERING TIME: 9 weeks
  • YIELD: Low, Moderate
  • GROWING TIPS: Give this girl lots of TLC. She may not be the heaviest yielder, but her smoke is one of a kind.
  • DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
  • SCENT: Minty, lemony, skunky
  • FLAVOR: Minty, lemony, skunky
  • EFFECTS: Spacey, narcotic, happy, lazy. A nice heavy body high with a crazy thought provoking head high.
  • SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Stress, muscle spasm, spinal nerve pain, body aches, migraines, nausea


  1. Dark Heart Nursery (clone & seedling photos and text)