We are open from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week

Because of California laws, our registers cannot process any transaction after 10pm. If you’re getting here close to closing you may want to check our menu and know what you want when you get here. Our security will stop letting people in around 9:50 depending how many people are in the store at that time (no more than 3) Please try to get here before that time so that we can help you (:

Yes! Sometimes we close early, check Google and our Instagram @thereef2.0 to confirm holiday hours.

Every customer must have a valid government-issued photo ID, this can be a passport, driver’s license, military ID etc. It cannot be expired. If you are 21+ that’s all you need! If you are 18-20 you may enter with your ID and a valid doctor’s recommendation.

The legal purchasing limit for recreational users is one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis flower per person per day. The limit for concentrates is 8 grams per person per day. If you are a medical marijuana patient with a valid medical card, you can buy up to 8 ounces of flower per day and there is no limit on concentrates.

We accept cash or debit card ($3.50 fee) We also have an ATM on-site! Unfortunately, we cannot take credit cards at this time.

You can either text your order and a picture of your valid government ID to 831.601.5286, order delivery on our iheartjane menu at https://montereybayreef.com/menu/, or from stickythumbdelivery.com

Yes! You can place a delivery or pickup order on our website directly from the iheartjane menu.

We do sell clones! We get our clones delivered from Dark Heart Nurseries. They sell quickly so feel free to call ahead and make sure we have some in-stock! Strains vary throughout the year. We do not have seeds at this time.

Unfortunately cannabis affects everyone’s body a little differently— this can make it hard to predict what will work for you. We want you to enjoy all the products you buy, but cannabis is a world of trial and error, especially if you are seeking a specific result.

According to California law, we cannot take returns on cannabis products including flower, edibles, tinctures, or concentrates. The only exception to this rule is for malfunctioning vape cartridges. If your vape is leaking or sticky upon opening, won’t fire, or is otherwise defective, you may bring it back with your receipt and the original packaging to exchange it for a replacement. It must be at least ½ full and it must be within 10 days of the purchase.