From Dark Heart Nursery news article

Cultivators, meet our Feminized Seedlings!

Feminized seedlings bred by Purple City Genetics and Humboldt Seed Company are produced at Dark Heart Nursery. Feminized seedlings are small plants produced from seed that are nearly certain to be female (99% female). These seedlings will display some “phenotypic variation”. This means that the seedlings may behave differently from one another. For example, some may be taller, or shorter, some may have different colorations etc. We use parents that are considered stable, which tends to limit variation, but some variation should be expected. We have 25+ different strain crosses available between Humboldt Seed Co. and Purple City Genetics inventory. 

Characteristics of feminized seeds:

– Healthy, well-developed root systems, and consistent, uniform high-quality plants.

– Rooted in peat-based seedling media.

– Nearly certain to be female (99% or more) 

– Ideal for outdoor or greenhouse customers needing to fill large plant numbers at a lower cost.

– Seedlings are often thought to be stronger and more vigorous than clones. Perhaps because of fewer pathogens susceptibilities, more juvenility, and/or “taproot.” Many North State growers have preferred them for years for this reason.

– Media is fully biodegradable leaving nothing behind after the crop cycle.