The Reef is the Monterey Peninsula’s new recreational cannabis store located in the diverse and progressive city of Seaside. We are an innovative local retail cannabis store rooted in our dynamic community.

We listen to and understand what our community really wants and needs. Inspired by the people around us, our goal is to recreate and to educate both ourselves and our customers. Our knowledge of cannabis and cannabis products is unparalleled and we have a responsibility to pass this knowledge to our neighbors.

We will also work together to improve safety and beautify our neighborhood. We aim to give back to our neighbors a true slice of 420 culture. Together we’re building a more innovative, inclusive community by celebrating all things cannabis!

Daily Deals

Munchie MONDAYS: 10% off all edibles

Tax Free TUESDAYS: 15% of, we pay CA excise tax

Wet WEDNESDAYS: 15% off all beverages

Thank you THURSDAYS: Double your reward points

Feel free FRIDAYS: Buy an 1/8th get 25% off 2nd 1/8th

Stay Lit SATURDAYS: 10% off all flower priced over $50

Saucy SUNDAYS: 10% off all concentrates and vapes

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